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Those familiar with the supply service Alex Trade Frames regularly provide won’t be surprised by our commitment to help tradesmen put their best foot forward. Sometimes this means helping them secure those last-minute projects with our next day frame delivery service, or something as simple as providing technical support. Either way none of this would be possible were it not for the products themselves, and in the Residence Collection, we can supply the most authentic timber effect windows possible.

But why specifically did we settle on the Residence Collection? Read on to find out more:

1. Three distinct authentic style options

Though collectively known as the ‘Residence Collection’, even under this banner installers are given the prospect of choice thanks to three unique styles in R9, R7, and R2. All place emphasis on 21st century performance wrapped in an authentic aesthetic, but slightly vary in terms of the number of chambers inside the frame, sash style, and size. One of the three is sure to suite the classical tastes of your customer.

Residence window

2. A++ energy rating as standard

Timber, by its very nature, is highly insulating. Therefore, modern uPVC needs to incorporate multiple design elements required to match such impressive levels when being used to replace original timber frames. Windows featured in the Residence Collection are some of the best around at doing this, utilising profiles with up to nine internal chambers to better trap heat and prevent it from escaping. At their best, Residence Collection windows achieve energy levels as high as A++.

3. Mechanically jointed frames

One aesthetic advantage timber has always maintained over uPVC, are the seamless corner joints which appear smooth and unsightly. Typically a weld line appears on the corners of most uPVC window styles, but for the purposes of achieving peak authenticity, Residence Collection windows are supplied in mechanically jointed fashion to appear smooth and stylish.

4. Wide range of luxury finishes

Residence Windows sport an indistinguishable woodgrain finish every time, offering end users the ability to reflect their own personality thanks to a wide palette of colours. From the simple boldness of No.10 Black to traditional English Oak and Rosewood, there’s sure to be something in our range to suit your property’s specific architectural style.

5. Suitable for conservation areas

Projects within conservation areas are notoriously tricky for installers. A scheme set in place by local authorities to protect properties of ‘special architectural or historic interest’, windows from the Residence Collection replicate the look and feel of 19th century to such a degree, that they often exceed conservation requirements. Once added to your product portfolio, you’ll be able to target a whole other sector of the home improvement market.

Improved performance and design with Residence windows from Alex Trade

As you can see, Residence Collection windows from our range have a lot to offer homeowners looking to balance beautiful aesthetics with exceptional performance. The ideal way to maintain a classical property’s character but bring energy levels in line with modern expectations, contact Alex Trade Frames today to find out more about R9, R7, and R2.