Aluminium bifold in anthracite grey

The fenestration industry is becoming more and more dutiful in terms of thinking about how what we do impacts the world around us every day. As cliché as it may sound, we only get one planet, so it’s important to preserve and protect as much of it where possible, and one way we do this is by supplying North West installers with bifolds engineered in Senior aluminium.

Not only does this mean you’ll get to offer homeowners the best strength around when choosing Alex Trade as your supplier, but you can rest comfortably knowing that the carbon footprint for you and your customers will be reduced as much as possible. Is aluminium environmentally sound? You bet, so let’s look at how this benefits everyone involved in the home improvement process.

The best for both strength and sustainability

It goes without saying, but any industry professional will recognise aluminium as the go-to material for a high strength-weight-ratio, making it perfect for bifold doors required to withstand large panes of glazing. The material’s sustainability however is equally impressive, with up to 90% of aluminium used in construction today being recycled following its eventual replacement.

It’s for reasons such as this that Senior aluminium can comfortably be called one of the most sustainable materials available to installers operating in the UK. Adding it to your product portfolio means making an active attempt to reduce carbon emissions due to aluminium engineering practices now utilising less energy, as well as a near 100% guarantee of recyclability should ever the building in question be taken down.

Environmentally-friendly in and outside the building projects themselves

Aluminium’s positivity for the environment is twofold. What we mean by this is that the material itself is environmentally sound (engineering, construction, etc), but also has the capacity to facilitate a manner of living that is more carbon neutral too (lower heating bills, thermally-broken). It used to be that aluminium couldn’t compete with uPVC in terms of insulation, being a poor heat conductor in the event of cold weather. Now however, the advent of resin thermal break integration means up to 32% can be saved in heating costs.

Essentially, every conceivable practice to make aluminium as green a material as possible has been taken, with aluminium bifolds supplied by Alex Trade in particular taking this up a notch due to our decision to supply Senior. A well-known international designer and engineer that solely specialise in aluminium, their sense of corporate social responsibility to the environment perfectly aligns with our own – expertly balancing quality and sustainability with every aluminium bifold.

Sustainable aluminium bifold doors supplied by Alex Trade

As you can see, aluminium is one of the most forward-thinking materials out there, allowing domestic and residential projects to enjoy a reduced carbon footprint as well as slim sightlines and contemporary aesthetics. For more information on how you can take advantage, call Alex Trade on 0161 482 2323 or send us an online message.