uPVC Window

As a glazing installer, you’ve almost certainly come across some problems during your installations. One of the most common is perhaps a dropped uPVC window. If you’re an experienced installer then this should prove no problem for you to rectify. If you’re just starting out in the glazing industry, however, our handy guide below could prove extremely helpful for when you experience this particular issue.

Check to see if the sash has dropped

Many casement windows have a side swing opening similar to a door. These type of windows are a popular choice and are great for ventilation. Sometimes, however, side swing windows can be more likely to drop than other types of window. To check to see if the window has dropped, first close the window and engage the lock. Look at the top corner of the window above the handle; if daylight is visible, the window has dropped.

Once that you have ascertained that the window has dropped, it’s important to find out whether this is affecting its functionality. If the window catches on the frame when opening and closing, it will need to be adjusted to prevent the problem from becoming worse. It is normal for a window to drop slightly after installation. If it is impeding the working components, however, the problem should be rectified as quickly as possible.

Make some adjustments

For a window installer, fixing a dropped sash in a uPVC window should be relatively straightforward. The most likely cause of a dropped uPVC sash is too few plastic packers, so you’ll need plenty of these before you start work. The first thing to do is carefully remove the glass from the uPVC window. Next, close the sash and ensure that it is lined up with the frame.

Re-install the glass into the sash and pack it all the way round the frame so that there is no movement at all between the glass and the sash. Make sure that the plastic packers are densely distributed as they will stop the uPVC window from dropping in the future. Finally, test the window’s opening and closing action to ensure that it is now working smoothly with no catching or sticking.

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