Trade vansThere’s no way to be a successful installer with hopes of growth without a willingness to travel. While many of the trade partners we work with consider themselves to be specialists in their local area, rightly so, as their business expands so will their necessity to reach out to further districts of the UK. Supplying windows, doors and conservatories to trade customers in Stockport, Manchester and other across the North West, this is something Alex Trade is no stranger to doing.

So how does an installer go about widening their scope without having the endeavour be too costly? Here’s a couple of tips to keep in mind!

Tip #1 – Cleverly organise deliveries to use the least number of vehicles

When working with Alex Trade Frames we provide tradesmen with the ability to have their products delivered either to them directly or to their project site. In the instance where the first option is preferable, we highly recommend scheduling and organising site delivery as far in advance as possible.

The simple reason for doing so being that you’ll be able to reduce fuel and staff member costs substantially. Only spare a company vehicle when absolutely necessary. It’s an obvious detail, but definitely one worth mentioning. Where appropriate, don’t hesitate to opt for our on-site delivering service to really keep costs down and cut out extra travel.

Tip #2 – Utilise Alex Trade’s showroom if you’re without your own

As most previous Alex Trade partners will tell you, we’re more than happy to help tradesmen secure sales in any way we can. One way of doing so is by giving you our best tool: the showroom. Featuring the likes of Rockdoor composite doors, Ultraframe conservatories, Residence windows, Guardian Warm Roofs and more, it serves as a much more inexpensive method of letting your homeowner customers get a better feel for what to expect with their final installation.

In terms of the travel element, this tip is largely dependent on how far away from our showroom and premises you’re based. Still, providing you have a clear idea of homeowner ambitions beforehand, should you clinch the sale using our showroom, it could far exceed the price requirements needed to make the trip. One window replacement might not cut it, but a whole houseful? Absolutely!

Roofline commission paymentTip #3 – If overnight stay is required, make use of discounted hotel rates

Some projects can be so large-scale and ambitious, that it pays to stay near the site as opposed to making the journey home. Should this be the case, we’d highly recommend putting up your staff in a hotel or bed and breakfast that offers a highly discounted rate. Usually, these are exclusive to online purchasers willing to compare offers. It might not be large margins you save, but worthwhile in the long run.

Healthily expand your customer reach with these top tips

Hopefully, these short but effective tips will serve to help installers save money when travelling for business purposes. If you’d like to receive any more advice from Alex Trade, don’t hesitate to get in touch either via phone on 0161 482 2323 or send us an online message today to talk.