Decorated patterned Everglade glass type

Everglade L5

While there’s a tried and tested process for offering homeowners replacement windows and doors surrounding the social areas of the home, bathroom renovations understandably tend to require something more specialist. Not only is this a crucial part of making homeowners feel safe in the privacy of their own bathroom, but it’s also vital to offer the same high levels of insulation and light entry as elsewhere. Enter obscure glazing solutions from Alex Trade.

Creating a safe and comfortable bathroom atmosphere

Fabricated using high impact safety glass, Alex Trade readily offers UK installers and tradesmen the ability to provide homeowners with obscure glazing that is both secure and practical. Perfect for use as a protective barrier against sound or excessive brightness – but most commonly a workaround for maintaining bathroom privacy – it allows natural light to enter while maintaining any desired privacy level.

Multiple levels of privacy can be achieved with obscure glazing, making it suitable for use in double glazed windows when heat retention and energy efficiency is also of top priority. Overall, when choosing Alex Trade Frames, you can be assured that every obscure glass panel we supply is insulating, privacy compliant, and an attractive centrepiece all in itself.

Autumn Glass

Autumn L2

Merging the decorative and practical

Speaking of which, it’s worth noting that for many British homeowners, obscure glazing acts as a great opportunity to add another element of personalisation to their property. It’s with this in mind that textured glass from Alex Trade features a wide selection of contemporary and traditional patterns. All come supplied in a choice of either 6mm and 4mm thickness sizes.

Numerous glass designs to appeal to the modern homeowner

From subtle and understated design patterns like Charcoal, Arctic, and Stippolyte, to more intricate and detailed styles such as Mayflower and Everglade, all succeed in offering a great deal of privacy while also impressing aesthetically. By adding obscure glazing to your product portfolio, you’ll make it easy for homeowners to pick a specific pattern and background best suited to them, delivering the best of both design and practical privacy.

Unparalleled glazing supply services from Alex Trade

Existing Alex Trade Frames installer partners will already be familiar with our passion for going above and beyond, giving them the best chance possible at closing sales and appealing to homeowners. To find out more about why obscure glazing is a home improvement essential to your range, contact us today either via phone or online message.