Kömmerling uPVC doors

One of the industry’s most respected and high quality uPVC systems, we offer our trade network members the ability to install doors engineered in high strength Kömmerling. Specifically crafted from the uPVC supplier’s O70 Gold ovolo system, there are few other options that are as flexible and dependable to suit a wide range of applications. Don’t believe us? We’ve put together our top five benefits of Kömmerling uPVC doors.

1. A+ rated energy performance

First and foremost, all installers can be assured that Kömmerling uPVC doors supplied by the team here at Alex Trade adhere by the strictest energy efficiency standards, achieving an ‘A+’ rating. O70 Gold ovolo is a 70mm, 5-chambered profile system, meaning that it’s much easier for the units to trap heat and retain it in the living space. This leads to less of a reliance on artificial heating on the end user’s part, with Kömmerling uPVC doors boasting low line gaskets and weather seals to better provide lasting performance.

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2. Certified to BS7412, BS7413, PAS023, PAS024, and BS7950

If energy efficiency requirements are a constant source of worry, we expect that meeting the security levels needed also feels like a chore. Thankfully, O70 Gold ovolo has installers covered in this regard also, securing BS7412, BS7413, PAS023, PAS024, and BS7950 accreditation. All these respective titles ensure that Kömmerling uPVC doors achieve the appropriate levels of water tightness, air permeability and such in any fitted fashion.

3. Heat Shield technology protection

Ensuring that all our Kömmerling uPVC doors make light work of resisting the heat externally as well as keeping it in internally us the inclusion of Heat Shield technology. This revolutionary method helps ensure that the amount of heat absorbed into the door panel is greatly reduced, eliminating the risk of bubbling and warping which uPVC without it could be susceptible to. Once offering Kömmerling to your homeowner customers, their doors will stay looking good well into the future.

4. Fully FENSA and Part L building regulations compliant

Any reliable installer will no doubt be aware of FENSA, being a government ran Competent Person Scheme which assures that any replacement windows, doors, and conservatories are fitted correctly. Choosing to install Kömmerling uPVC doors from Alex Trade assures that you can tap into this FENSA sense of consumer trust, providing you’ve also signed up to become a member.

Equally, Kömmerling’s O70 Gold meets established Part L building regulations, a statute which ensures that buildings don’t exceed their target CO2 emission rate. Installers can install uPVC doors from Alex Trade with complete confidence.

5. Wide selection of colour finishes

Helping tradesmen better accommodate the changing tastes of homeowners is the wide number of finishes possible with Kömmerling uPVC doors. From classic tones like Chartwell Green and Anthracite to convincing woodgrain foils like Irish Oak and Rosewood, every type of aesthetic style can be successfully accomplished.

Make your next product addition Kömmerling uPVC doors from Alex Trade

So, if you’d like to take advantage of one of the market’s most respected and quality uPVC products, Kömmerling uPVC doors from Alex Trade could be the perfect fit. To learn more, contact us today either via phone on 0161 482 2323 or send us an online message.