Ultraframe uPVC ConservatoryThe UK Government is looking to increase the rate new homes are built. To ensure they meet local design standards, building and planning regulations are set to undergo some significant changes in 2020. We’ve created this informative summary to help installers and tradesmen better equip themselves for the upcoming changes.

Full guidance on the proposed changes is available by following the link here.

New permitted development rights to allow existing buildings to be built upwards will be introduced by summer 2020

New permitted development rights will allow existing buildings to be built upwards. Scheduled for summer 2020, these significant proposals provide scope for bigger homes and the extension of residential blocks by up to two storeys.

What this could mean for glazing installers?

There could be a lot of new work opportunities coming up, particularly for window and door installers. As an installer, it is essential to keep updated with what could soon be deemed as permitted development, so you can make your customers aware of what they can and cannot do to their homes.

Possibility for vacant commercial buildings, industrial buildings and residential blocks to be demolished and replaced

Currently, this proposal is in the discussion stage, so don’t expect anything too soon. It’s proposed that these types of buildings be replaced with new residential buildings that meet natural light standards. So, we imagine that if this change is enacted, there will be a lot of upcoming commercial projects open to the right glazing installers.

What this could mean for glazing installers?

As there is an emphasis being put on achieving natural light standards, we’re expecting windows and glazed doors to make up a significant proportion of these new properties.

A new National Design Code to give residents in communities more influence over house design

This development could potentially be very important, as it means installers and tradesmen will need to be aware of the agreed design elements for new homes being built in different areas. If you plan to target some of these areas for work, this might mean you need to expand your product range too.

Review of the formula for calculating Local Housing Need could/will encourage more building in and around urban areas

Part of the UK Government’s plans to deliver 300,000 new homes a year, the proposed formula will encourage more new homes to be built in and around urban areas. We advise that installers take steps to improve their awareness of the design principles that will be in place in urban areas and update their product range accordingly.

Guardian RoofRevise the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to embed principles of good design and placemaking

This change will make high-quality buildings and places an essential consideration throughout the planning process. It will elaborate upon the current framework of good design principles, showing local authorities and developers what’s expected when creating these types of buildings.

What this could mean for glazing installers?

What exactly will constitute ‘good design’ is not clear right now. However, it’s important to be aware of this upcoming change, as installers may soon have to adhere to new design principles.

Introduce a Future Homes Standard (FHS) from 2025

Although this is a few years away, this standard will require all new homes built from 2025 to have 80% lower carbon emissions. This idea is designed to benefit the environment whilst helping homeowners reduce their energy bills.

What this could mean for glazing installers?

For installers, this likely means you’ll need to take steps to ensure your products meet the latest standards for energy efficiency. Here at Alex Trade Frames, we regularly supply a wealth of glazing products that meet the latest energy standards. This includes uPVC windows, composite doors and uPVC conservatories.

Cut the cost of new homes through a new First Homes scheme

The new First Homes scheme hopes to address the difficulty in saving for a deposit, which is the biggest barrier for many first-time buyers. To do this, the scheme plans to cut the cost of many new homes by a third, which works out to an average reduction of £70,000 for first-time buyers.

What this could mean for glazing installers?

With more people potentially owning their home, there are increased opportunities for new windows, doors or even conservatories to be installed.

More support for community and self-build housing

The government plans to make it easier for those who want to build their own homes by helping them find plots of land. They also plan to help parish councils and neighbourhood forums looking to build a small number of homes.

What this could mean for glazing installers?

People and communities looking to build their own homes will require them to be fitted with windows, doors and maybe even a conservatory. So, more work opportunities could soon be available.

Alex Trade: keeping glazing installers and customers up-to-date on the latest industry developments

In the next year, the UK Government plans to release a range of major publications and legislation on planning reforms. So, if you need help navigating these changes, or if you’re looking for glazing products that meet the latest standards for thermal performance and Building Regulations, we at Alex Trade Frames can help.