In the double-glazing industry, clear glass is any type of glazing that provides a minimalist appearance and allows light to travel through the window or glass section of a door. Obscure glass is any glass which has been sandblasted to give a textured finish to distort light transmission and increase privacy.

Clear glass

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Clear glass is the most common type of glass used in window and door manufacturing. It can be incorporated into double and triple glazing and is available with a range of different treatments to improve and alter its performance.

Clear glass can be treated or tempered to improve its strength. This type of glass is known as safety glass and is often used in situations where there is the potential for accidental damage. Safety glass is commonly used in low level glazed areas, fully glazed doors, and protective glass partitions.

Clear glass can also be treated to improve its resistance to UV rays. This type of glass, known as low-E glass has a thin layer of silver or other low-emissivity material applied to the surface to improve thermal performance. It works by reducing the amount of harmful UV and infrared light passing through the glass without affecting the levels of visible light passing through the glazing.

Obscure glass


Arctic L4

Obscure glass is usually referred to as obscure, textured, misted, or patterned glazing. The surface of obscure glass features a raised pattern which splits the light rays as they pass through the glass. This impedes visibility when looking through the window without reducing the levels of light emission.

Obscure glass is available in a wide range of different patterns and finishes. It is regularly used in bathroom windows where extra privacy is required or in glazed areas of entrance doors or in windows that are overlooked from the street.

Textured glass finishes are rated on a scale of L1 (least obscure) to L5 (most obscure). They can feature random raised patterns which create a frosted appearance, or they can be specified with more ornate floral or geometrical designs.

At Alex Trade Frames, we supply a wide range of clear and obscure glazing products. Our obscure glass in fabricated by glass specialists Pilkington Glass and is available in 4mm and 6mm thicknesses depending on the pattern specified.

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