Rockdoor composite doors in a selection of styles

For any experienced supplier operating in the UK, it’s important to build up strong relationships with systems companies that are respected, leaders in their field, but most importantly, have the products to back this up. This can then in turn be passed onto homeowner-facing tradesmen and installers later down the chain, letting them cater to customers who expect the very best.

It’s for reasons such as this that Cheshire-based trade supplier Alex Trade Frames choose to exclusively supply Rockdoor composites to their clientele. Here’s why we think Rockdoor products tower above the rest.

Three distinct choices of Rockdoor composite door

There really is no need to stock/supply other brands of composite door when opting for Rockdoor, due to the fact that they readily offer three distinct iterations of the design in Select, Elite, and Ultimate. The latter -as its title might suggest – is specifically designed to be the toughest and most secure composite door on the market, while both the Select and Elite offering varying degrees for a slightly lower cost. Various customer types are covered, and all using one systems company.

The main difference between each design comes from the three unique approaches of locking mechanism which Rockdoor offers and Alex Trade implements. Multi-point locking always comes integrated as standard, but should a certain installation company’s customer require a specific type of defence, cylinder, deadbolt, and anything else can be applied all with additional aluminium reinforcing for extra peace of mind.

Energy efficiency levels that far exceeds the necessary standard

Providing customers with the ability to reduce their energy bills and have a warmer, more comfortable home, Rockdoor composites can achieve A++ energy rating, eliminating draughts and boosting energy efficiency thanks to what’s known as S-Glaze technology. Put simply, this means toughening up any integrated double glazed units and locking it into the slab for life.

A selection of Rockdoor composite doors

Balancing luxury design with dependable security and style

Rockdoors from Alex Trade Frames not only impress in terms of performance, but is most often attributed as being the industry’s luxury composite of choice. A selection of 13 different colours and hundreds of complementary glass designs help contribute towards this, providing enough design flexibility to let installers cater for any project and occasion.

Supplying high performance Rockdoor composites throughout the North West

Alex Trade’s supply partnership with Rockdoor acts as the catch-all solution required by tradesmen operating in the home improvement industry. Supplying to company located in the North West, the team have been in operation for well over 20 years and always place emphasis on delivering on site, on time.

For more information on why Rockdoor slabs tower above their composite competitors, contact a member of the team today.