‘When local businesses are successful, the whole area will enjoy the benefits.’ This is an idea that has been proven across the world. Local businesses interact with each other creating a microcosm of how the wider business world functions. For example, if a worker at a local factory buys their lunch from an independent retailer, the money they spend is put directly back into the local community. The same principle can be applied to choosing a local supplier for your windows, doors, and conservatories.

Shop local and share in your area’s success

There are many reasons to choose a local supplier for your trade double glazing products. Local reputation, convenient geographical location, and links to other traders in the area are some of the most evident. Here are five things you may not have considered when looking for a reliable trade supplier:

1. Boost the local economy

When you use a local company, you are helping to build a strong and sustainable local economy. A high percentage of money spent with a local business goes back into the local economy. This could be through paying staff, buying products, operating and maintenance costs, and cleaning of premises. The money will also be circulated through local pubs, restaurants, and leisure centres as local employees socialise. By ‘buying local’ you are helping your community to thrive.

2. Create jobs in the area

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Increasing employment levels is vital for any modern society. Using a local business will increase their revenue meaning they will, in time, employ more staff. Creating more jobs in your area will produce a more positive society where people are better paid and enjoy a healthier outlook on life. As the local economy grows, more money is made available as demand for services and products increases, thus creating more jobs.

3. Focus on customer service

A local company is much more likely to offer higher levels of customer service. As part of the local economy, local businesses have a vested interest in the success of other local businesses. When your business grows and becomes more successful, their suppliers will reap the rewards in the form of more orders and higher profits. This all helps to grow the local economy and benefit the whole area or city.

4. Protect the environment

One of the most important considerations in today’s society is creating a sustainable eco-friendly culture. By working with a local supplier you can help to reduce carbon emissions and protect the planet for future generations. The close proximity and local network help to reduce fuel costs, lowering air pollution which creates a cleaner, healthier living environment.

5. Support local charities

Many local businesses do lots of good work to support local charities. When you buy from a local business, you are helping to fund their charitable donations and raise money for community events and improved services for the most vulnerable members of society.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons for choosing a local trade supplier for your windows and doors. Buying locally is an excellent way to invest in the lives of the people in your community. If you’re a double glazing installer working in the north west of England and you’d like to find out more about working with Alex Trade Frames contact us today. Conveniently based in Stockport to serve all tradesmen and installers primarily operating in North West England, our selection of trade windows and doors have been installed in thousands of homes across areas in Cheshire like Stockport, Macclesfield, Warrington, and of course Greater Manchester including Oldham, Rochdale, and Bolton. Call us on 0161 482 2323 or send us a message online.