Plenty of benefits to offering the UK’s most popular double glazing material

uPVC Windows

Despite the overabundance of PR and publicity frequently given to aluminium in our industry, installers and tradesmen up and down the country are still in agreement that uPVC is of great value to any tantalising product range. The most popular choice of window and door material for almost half a decade now, uPVC continues to lead the way not least because of homeowner familiarity with the product and its attractive price point.

Here at Alexander Windows, we are more than accustomed to supplying only the very best uPVC windows and doors to our trade customers using Kommerling’s market-leading profile. Even in 2017, systems such as this still outdo aluminium in a variety of ways, and we thought we’d take this opportunity to remind ourselves just as to why!


A closer look at how uPVC continues to excel:

Vertical sliding sash windows manufactured using Spectus uPVC profile

Ease of maintenance

No average homeowner wants to spend more time tending to their new windows than enjoying them, and in this regard uPVC triumphs over aluminium each time. Because the material is so highly plasticised in its makeup, they are consistently easy to clean and wipe down. Aluminium is resistant to the elements but still needs attention every so often, uPVC requires virtually no looking after for the ultimate convenience.


Allowing you to cater for every kind of market and house style out there, uPVC still remains the most affordable window and door material option available. This is particularly useful for homeowners working on a budget but still wish to improve their home, and has the potential to make or break any customer’s final decision.


Forget traditional white, uPVC windows can be readily customised and tailored to almost every conceivable colour to seamlessly tie in with any home’s existing aesthetic and character. uPVC is also the more durable material of the two, making it easier to construct and manufacture more obscure window styles such as bay and bow windows.

Dependable reputation

Like it or not, uPVC windows and doors have simply been around a lot longer than aluminium and as such, has a lot more cache with British homeowners. In a modern world where an overwhelming percentage of consumers research online prior to making a final purchase, an established reputation removes the need for this and so uPVC windows practically sell themselves in comparison to other materials.

The very best efficiency, design, and function with uPVC from Alexander Windows

If you’re an installer seeking a reliable supply partner that can deliver uPVC frames the very next day after order, we just might be the ones you’ve been hoping for. Make the most of uPVC’s popularity with these various selling benefits and our unique supply facilities. For more information, call us on 0161 482 23623 or send us a message online.