The industry’s leading tiled conservatory roof – Guardian Warm RoofGuardian logo and LABC and LABSS accreditations

Specifically engineered under factory-controlled conditions to result in the very best quality as well as thermal insulation, Alex Trade Frames is a well-known supplier of the Guardian Warm Roof. With Building Control approval secured and a swift installation time, the system is widely regarded as the industry’s preferred tiled conservatory roof option that is perfected further when combined with our bespoke services.

Guardian Warm Roofs make use of a 3-layered design, comprised of a lightweight frame, exterior grade plywood, and insulated plasterboard to result in some of the lowest U-values possible with a tiled roof system. The result is a product that fully meets Local Authority Building Control (LABC) standards and is Part L building regulation compliant to give installers a hassle-free installation experience.

Guardian warm roof graphicFeatures of our Guardian Warm Roofs

  • Excellent thermal efficiency – U-value of only 0.18 W/m²k
  • Fitted in 3 days over existing surfaces, only 172mm thick
  • Fully tested and approved to meet all thermal and structural standards
  • Reduces condensation, heat leaks, and no cold bridging
  • Optional roof window integration
  • Pre-assembled upon supply
  • A range of exterior and interior finishes in both metro and slate tile variants
  • 20 year wear-resistant guarantee

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Catering for existing and new build conservatory applications

We supply Guardian Warm Roofs pre-made to give our partnered installers the easiest time possible when the time of install arrives. What’s more, the entire process can be accomplished in just 3 days for less inconvenience for both you and your customer and let you complete more jobs with a faster turnaround.

Despite their perfect role as a conservatory roof replacement, they can also be integrated at the beginning of a new build conservatory’s lifecycle to create an attractive and energy efficient living space. Especially when considering the extensive range of roof finishes on offer – with colours ranging from simple Charcoal to eye-catching Terracotta – a Guardian Warm Roof can match or compliment almost every style of home.

The Guardian Warm Roof system explained