Suppliers of windows and doors with high security FUHR and MACO locking systems

We will not compromise your customers’ security by fitting inferior locks to our windows and doors. Every window and door supplied by Alex Trade is Secured By Design accredited, meaning that only the best locking systems available are fitted to guarantee a high degree of security. Utilising industry leading MACO and FUHR systems, your customers’ peace of mind is never far away.
There are different options available when it comes to locking mechanisms for windows and doors. Our team will be able to discuss these with you, enabling you to provide the best advice for your customer.

MACO window locks

We provide all our uPVC windows with locking systems from the MACO Shootbolt range, featuring innovative locking mechanisms that bolster a property’s security. This includes mushroom bolts that engage when the sashes are at locked positions, so that the window sash cannot be forced when closed.
Our window locks also have a shootbolt at either end of the lock that engages with the frame when the handle is engaged, providing a further point of contact between the sash and the frame.

Features of MACO locking systems

  • Reverse action locking suitable for side hung or top hung windows
  • Mushroom bolts that engage into the striker plate when the window is locked
  • Fits perfectly with our uPVC windows
  • Available in sizes ranging from 200mm to 1200mm
  • Capable of achieving BS7950 for security

FUHR door locks

All of our uPVC doors make effective use of FUHR one-piece lever-operated locking systems, boasting secure multiple locking points that include hooks, deadbolts, and roller cams. Each locking point will only release when the key is used – easy to use whilst providing great security when closed.
A very popular optional extra is our ‘T’ catch security device. This allows the door to be opened enough to speak to a caller without opening it fully. It does a similar job to the chain fitted to wooden doors but is much more secure because of its design.

Features of FUHR locking systems

  • Reinforced multi-point lock with lever
  • Free running adjustable roller cams to provide controlled compression
  • A substantial deadbolt that can be thrown to 20mm when locked
  • Optional ‘T’ catch to partially open the door whilst still remaining protected
  • Approved by Secured By Design, BBA and the Master Locksmiths Association
  • Finished in corrosion resistant silver