It used to be that uPVC was oft considered cheap, at least when compared to other available window and door material choices. The home improvement boom experienced in the 1980s meant that many units were installed quickly and sadly to a shoddy degree, giving uPVC an unwarranted reputation of being unreliable. But not today!

Despite common misconceptions, we at Alex Trade Frames are here to tell you that there are many benefits to be enjoyed when opting to install modern uPVC windows and doors. Here, we explore 6 of them:

1. Highly recyclable

Aiding towards most installation companies’ sense of corporate social responsibility is the simple fact that today, uPVC is easily recyclable. At the end of their life, uPVC can be recycled as often as 10 times, whether that’s to be used as windows and doors once again, or something else entirely. This means sending less to landfill, reducing your carbon footprint, and catering to homeowners who take an active interest in planet preservation.

Alex Trade window

2. Low cost

While the quality of modern uPVC windows and doors has only continued to improve, out of the three major window material options (uPVC, aluminium, timber), it’s still comparatively affordable. This price point allows installers and tradesmen to maximise their profit margins and fulfil more projects, investing the money that would have otherwise been spent back into the company.

3. Configurable to various shapes and sizes

Highly durable and configurable, uPVC is an expert choice went wanting to cater for even the most specific of sizes or shapes. Whether intended for tilt & turn, flush sash, simple casement, or an alternative style/design entirely, uPVC never puts up a fight and can be formed to almost any style.

4. A-rated energy efficiency

Whereas the uPVC windows and doors of old could often fall prone to rattles, draughts, and just a general sense of poor efficiency, the modern alternative comes fitted to be watertight. This fact, combined with the incorporation of many ingenious heat-trapping elements, gives installers the ability to deliver A ratings. More than exceeding the regulation requirement of ‘C’, u-values will be lowered as well as the property’s financial costs.

uPVC window frame

5. An extensive suite of colour options

Originally limited to aluminium frames, RAL’s colour palette now sports an impressive 150 distinct tones and shades, all of which can be applied to modern day uPVC products. From classics like Chartwell Green, Simple White, and Cream to more experimental shades such as Violet Blue, Luminous Yellow, and Salmon Pink, there’s something suitable for every property and customer preference.

6. Exceedingly quick turnaround times

Thanks to the continuing technological advancements occurring in the industry, uPVC has not lost its reputation for streamlined simplicity. Fabricators, suppliers, and of course, installers have been working with it for decades by this point, meaning that turnaround times can be kept swift and high quality. Especially when partnering with Alex Trade, we readily offer a next day frame delivery service to help you complete those last-minute jobs.

Wildly versatile uPVC products from Alex Trade Frames

As you can see, uPVC might be considered an old favourite, but continuing innovations and technological advancements help ensure that it’s a great choice for modern windows and doors. For more information on how you can take advantage, call Alex Trade on 0161 482 2323 or contact us online.