We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: At Alex Trade Frames, we only offer our installer network the very best home improvement products. Those who have worked with in the past will be familiar with how fond we are of Kömmerling windows for example, being the best choice for any tradesman or company serious about installing uPVC windows.

We thought we’d take the time to prove what we preach, exploring how Kömmerling windows stack up to other competing systems on the market. Hopefully it won’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that our stance is in no way unfounded.

Kommerling uPVC windows in bay and casement configurations

Kömmerling vs Liniar

Engineering uPVC products for the industry since 1974, Liniar might have some clout in terms of experience, but that doesn’t mean that their windows can compete with the technological brilliance of Kömmerling windows. Just comparing the two side-by-side will show just how much bulkier Liniar’s system is when compared to Kömmerling’s O70 Gold system. This is because of the latter’s low line gaskets and weatherseals which better provides lasting performance and slimmer sightlines.

Kömmerling vs Eurocell

While Eurocell’s primary uPVC window offering, Euroligik, might match the energy efficiency levels of O70 Gold, Kömmerling windows exceed in terms of sheer customisation. You see, in today’s housing market it’s important to keep up with the changing tastes and trends with 21st centuries homeowner. Kömmerling’s generous colour range of 44 colour finishes is an ideal way of catering to this, beating out Eurocell’s 8 every time.

Kömmerling vs Rehau

Once again, Rehau’s TOTAL70 uPVC system struggles to compete with Kömmerling, as can be evidently seen in terms of sheer certification. Our choice of uPVC windows achieve BS7412, BS7413, PAS023, PAS024, and BS7950 approval for example, while Rehau manages to only secure the latter two of those.

Kommerling uPVC window section

Features that make Kömmerling windows an unmatched choice:

  • A-Rated levels of energy efficiency as standard
  • Certified to BS7412, BS7413, PAS023, PAS024, and BS7950
  • Engineered using O70 Gold, a uPVC system that’s highly recyclable
  • Slimline sculptured frames that makes for a ‘softer’ aesthetic
  • Configurable to suit domestic and commercial applications

uPVC windows from Alex Trade that keeps you ahead of the curve

Hopefully we’ve made clear Kömmerling’s ability to excel on every front of value to the trade, rather than simply one or two. Combined with our in-house ability to deliver frames to site the very next day to anywhere in the North West, Alex Trade and Kömmerling windows are the perfect pairing to let your projects succeed.

For more information, contact us today for a free quote either via phone on 0161 482 2323, or send us an online message.