Kommerling upvc windows

Committed to giving our partnered installers the best chance possible at catering for almost every target market’s need whether in the Residential or Commercial sector, at Alex Trade we supply only the leading uPVC windows for trade. With so many available systems however, we’ve done the hard work for you and dedicated our services to the very best: Kömmerling.

Kommerling uPVC window section

The high quality uPVC system serves to successfully diversify any reliable tradesman’s product portfolio while keeping all bases and eventualities covered – when it comes to uPVC windows for trade purposes you can’t do much better. Let’s explore why, and look at the benefits of the system.

Kömmerling benefits at a glance

Paving the way in uPVC innovation for over 50 years, Kömmerling produces a range of high quality uPVC systems, but at Alex Trade we exclusively focus on O70 Gold ovolo. This dedication to one system allows us to supply even the most custom orders quicker than most other suppliers while still producing an impressive finish.

23% of all uPVC frames installed in Europe are Kömmerling for many reasons, the main one being that they are incredibly easy to install. As well as this, all Kömmerling uPVC windows for trade can be supplied ‘A’ rated upon request, letting you fulfil the needs of any energy conscious clients. Certified to BS7412, BS7413, PAS023, PAS024, and BS7950, you’ll be able to install with confidence.

  • Supplied between ‘C’ and ‘A’ ratings with U-values as low as 1.1
  • Standard double glazed units: Planitherm Total Plus glass, 20mm cavity with 90% Argon gas, standard aluminium spacer bar and 4mm float glass
  • Extensive suite of colours with Alex Trade-exclusive turnaround times
  • Incredibly easy to install (Complete more jobs quicker)
  • BS7412, BS7413, PAS023, PAS024, and BS7950 certified


Alex Trade: Specialist supplier of Kömmerling

As mentioned earlier, the reason why our services are able to go so well with Kömmerling’s O70 Gold ovolo system is due to the fact that it’s the sole uPVC system we focus on. Supplying in-house, we set down a rigorous quality assurance process while still placing emphasis on fast turnaround times and a punctual service, so you’ll always be able to complete projects of any size on time and on budget.

With Alex Trade you can enjoy the best products AND supply services

When it comes to uPVC windows for trade, here at Alex Trade Frames we refuse to settle for anything less than the best. To find out more about what makes our pairing with Kömmerling so unique and of value, contact us today either online or on 0161 482 2323.