Stippolyte glass is a type of obscure glazing. It is designed to provide privacy in rooms which are overlooked from outside or from neighbouring properties. Stippolyte glass has a textured surface which distorts light when entering the window. The interior of the building then becomes unclear and obscured from exterior sight.

How is obscure glass graded?

Obscure glass is graded on a scale of L1 to L5, with L1 being the least obscure and L5 the most obscure. To put this into perspective, through an L1 graded window, objects would still be identifiable from the outside and only slightly distorted. With an L5 graded window, any objects would become so distorted as to be barely identifiable and only seen as blurred colours or shapes. Stippolyte glass is rated as L4 and provides high levels of obscurity.

Stippolyte glass is made by glass experts Pilkington. It has a textured finish which obscures light without having a negative effect on the brightness of the interior. The name Stippolyte is taken from the verb ‘stipple’ meaning to create a decorative effect by using many small dots and is often associated with painting, drawing and engraving.

Stippolyte: the versatile obscure glass option

Stippolyte glazing is available in both 4mm and 6mm thicknesses. It can incorporate sections of leaded designs into the glazing and is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It is often used in bathroom windows to optimise privacy and is also a popular choice in entrance doors and side panels, particularly those which open directly onto the street.

Certain obscure glass options are only suitable for use in windows whereas Stippolyte glass is far more versatile. Stippolyte glass can be specified for use in any of our window styles and can also be used in the glazed sections of composite or uPVC doors. Stippolyte glass can be specified as high impact safety glass classified by BS EN 12600 regulations. Safety glass is particularly useful in low level glazed areas, large glazed sections in doors and in bathroom areas.

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