Pilkington Glass

The designs ‘Autumn’, ‘Cotswold’ and ‘Stippolyte’ are available in both 6mm and 4mm thickness, all of the other obscure glass designs are only available in 4mm. We can provide leaded designs on the following obscure glass types: Contora, Chantilly, Pelerine, Stippolyte, and Sycamore. Important – However you use Pilkington Glass, it is essential for safety & performance reasons that it is correctly specified and installed.

High impact safety glass

Common areas of impact risk, where it is recommended that impact safety glass classified by BS EN 12600 include;

  • Glazed Doors and Glazing adjacent to doors
  • Low-level glazing
  • Bathroom areas
  • Protective Barriers

Glazing Options

Autumn, Cotswold, Minster, Satin/Misted, Stippolyte are the only obscure glasses that can go in a Rockdoor or paneled door. All of the obscure glazing options can go in windows.

Key: L1 is least obscure, L5 is most obscure

  • Satin Misted


  • Stippolyte

    Stippolyte L4

  • Oriel Laurel

    Oriel Laurel

  • Decorative Glazing Option

    Pelerine L2

  • Oriel Canterbury

    Oriel Canterbury

  • Oak

    Oak L4

  • Minster

    Minster L2

  • Contora

    Contora L2

  • Glue Chip

    Glue Chip

  • mayflower glazing

    Mayflower L4

  • Florielle

    Florielle L4

  • Digital

    Digital L3

  • Decorated patterned Everglade glass type

    Everglade L5

  • Flemish

    Flemish L2

  • Decorative Glazing option

    Cotswold L5

  • Charcoal

    Charcoal L4

  • Arctic

    Arctic L4

  • Decorative Glazing Option

    Autumn L2

  • chantilly glazing

    Chantilly L2

  • glazing option

    Warwick L1

  • Decorative Glazing

    Tafetta L4

  • Sycamore