Stockport on a map

The largest town within the county of Greater Manchester, Stockport is also the home of Alex Trade Frames. From here, we’re able to supply tradesmen and home improvement companies within the local area with the very best windows and doors using a whole range of industry-leading systems. Our convenient location makes us the best choice Stockport installers can rely on for quality products and a speedy turnaround.

A large suite of products appropriate for various home projects and applications

When choosing Alex Trade as your window and door supplier of choice, you can rest comfortably knowing that you’ll be able to access multiple styles and systems. Kömmerling acts as our system of choice for most of the uPVC windows and doors we turnaround, capable of achieving Window Energy Rating of A+. Having worked with the German brand for quite some time we know the system more intimately than most.

As far as listed properties and conservation buildings are concerned, Residence frames from Alex Trade far exceed the classical features required, still delivering impressive levels of performance and security modern Stockport homeowners deserve. Equally, composite doors featured in our range utilise a slab core reinforced by aluminium or carbon fibre for the ultimate in strength and security. Such values are only found in Rockdoor units supplied by our knowledgeable team.

Why choose Alex Trade Frames as your supplier in Stockport?

Other than the geographical advantage, Alex Trade Frames has been a recognisable name in the home improvement industry for 27 years now. Using this experience, we’re perfectly primed to aid Stockport installers in achieving the best results possible, whether that’s successfully meeting homeowner preferences or exceeding British safety standards.

Emphasising competitive lead times and professional supply service, the team here at Alex Trade Frames are committed to giving Stockport installers the tools, products, and expertise needed to confidently improve properties to a high standard. Nowhere else will you find an exclusive next day frames delivery service to help you complete the last-minute jobs on time.